Effortless Appointment Scheduling with AI

Discover our Private Beta and witness the future of appointment scheduling with incredible features. Text Hi to 
+1 (786) 882-5211 and Meet a Clever Setter™, your AI sales rep. From info marketers to entrepreneurs, Clever Setters™ guide prospects and qualifies them for meetings with closers.

Sell Smarter, Sell Faster, Sell More.

Time is money, and our Clever Setter™ AI sales rep knows it. Streamline your sales process and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Experience the competitive advantage of accelerated sales cycles, enabling you to sell more, and sell faster. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the future of sales.

Build Your Customized AI Sales Team

Harness the power of our user-friendly dashboard to create and tailor your very own Clever Setter™ AI sales representatives. These knowledgeable experts have already undergone extensive training, equipped with insights from millions of successful sales conversations. Customize their skills and expertise to align with your unique business requirements, and unlock a new level of sales performance.

Connect Seamlessly with SMS and Social Media DMs

Break the barriers of communication with our Clever Setter™ AI sales rep's SMS and Social Media DMs connectivity. Reach your prospects effortlessly on a widely-used platform that ensures maximum engagement and easy interaction. Let your customers experience the convenience of direct messaging while enjoying a personalized sales journey.

Unmatched Advantages over Human Sellers

Experience the advantages that only an AI sales rep can provide. Enjoy round-the-clock availability, lightning-fast processing, and an unbiased approach to customer interactions. Let our AI work tirelessly to enhance your customer engagements, converting leads into loyal customers.

Learning Never Stops

Our Clever Setter™ AI sales rep is not content with just selling; it's driven to learn. With each interaction, it absorbs valuable insights, fine-tuning its skills and increasing its success rate. By continuously adapting and improving, our AI becomes an unstoppable force, propelling your sales to new heights.

Book Qualified Leads

Cultivate leads that are primed for success. Our AI system identifies and connects the prospects who are ready to make a purchase, ensuring they are swiftly engaged with your sales team. Maximize your conversion rate by focusing on the most qualified leads and streamline your path to closing deals.

Elevate Your Revenue To New Heights

Boost your average order value, accelerate your sales cycle, and encourage repeat orders. Our Clever Setter™ AI representatives continuously enhance their knowledge, ensuring precise forecasts and maintaining an up-to-date CRM. Experience the power of AI as it propels your revenue growth and drives your business forward.

Together, We Succeed

At Clever Setters™ AI, our success lies in your success. We're proud to have added $9.9M in net new revenue for our client Spectacular Smith at Spectacular Academy in 2023. Join us and be a part of the sales revolution that is transforming industries. If you are a course creator with over $1M in annual sales, we invite you to join our private beta and witness the extraordinary potential of AI in sales.

Are you ready to unlock limitless possibilities?

Embrace the future of sales with Clever Setters™ AI.
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